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Top 5 Easy and Top 5 Hard Programming Languages to Learn in 2021


November 19, 2021

Programming languages

Get a grip over these ten programming languages depending on your requirements

All the beginners and the experienced might be thinking of the easy programming languages and hard programming languages, right? Everyone has their preferences and depending on that they choose to go with the easiest one or the difficult ones. But one thing in common is that all developers need to learn the programming languages for sure to become great software engineers. So, let’s see what easy programming languages and hard programming languages are in this article.


Easy programming languages


HTML is elaborated as Hypertext Markup Language is usually used to code most of the web pages. The interesting part of HTML is that it uses tags and elements to define how images, text, and interactive forms can be presented. This programming language is supported by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define sophisticated styles and JavaScript for the scripting programs. This is one of the easiest languages because of its ease of use for new coders. It is easy to learn because it is simple with readable opening and closing tags and you can find and fix bugs hassle-free.



The three languages that make up the internet are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can solve the web’s most hard problems using libraries such as React and jQuery and frameworks like Angular. This is one of the programming languages that is easier to learn because it is beginner-friendly and you don’t need a compiler to see JavaScript in action and can see results instantly.



C is one of the general-purpose programming languages that most developers use to learn before jumping into a complex language. Most of the applications used today have been built using C such as Unix, Windows, and Photoshop. It is easy to learn as it has a syntax that has only 32 keywords and data structures are easy to understand.



Python is a high-level programming language that is widely used by web developers, data scientists, ML/AI professionals, and embedded application developers. It is easy to learn as the language is obsessive about code readability and has several libraries for various applications.



Java is a class-based, and object-oriented general-purpose programming language. It is designed in such a manner to write once and run anywhere. And so, it is one of the most popular languages among the back-end developers and security applications. It is easy to learn as it is a structured language, leaving little room for deviation.


Hard programming languages


C++ is an extension of C which is an easy-to-learn language which is a general-purpose programming language. The applications such as Google Chromium and a few Microsoft applications are developed using C++. It is one of the hardest programming languages because it has a complex syntax to support versatility. And it is best learned by those who have an understanding of C programming.



Prolog is one of the first logic programming languages that is witnessing adoption of AI applications and NLP. It is difficult because it is an unconventional language and requires an unreasonably competent compiler. It forces the programmer to think hard about their logic upfront.



LISP comes second on the list of oldest programming languages after FORTRAN but it is still the high-level language for AI. It is hard to learn as it is a fragmented language with domain-specific solutions. And another thing is that syntaxing in LISP extensively uses parentheses which can be hard to get used to.



Haskell is polymorphically statically typed and it is built on the lambda calculus. This is a programming language that is named after a mathematician called Haskell B Curry. It is hard to learn and explore as it follows a 100% functional paradigm and involves intense use of jargon which might seem hard for beginners.



Malbolge is the toughest programming language as it took at least two years to write the first Malbolge program. It is a difficult one as it uses an obscure notation, and it is a self-modifying language that results in erratic behaviour.

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