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Top 5 Humanoid Dancing Robots at CES 2017

Dancing robots

Dancing robots

The land of robots has swiftly emerged from CES. There were so many robots in Las Vegas that seeing them all was impossible. With each passing CES, robots become increasingly capable. Many of the dancing robots on display at CES 2017 shared a passion for dancing.


Everest 5 Robot by Abilix:

Everest 5 is one of the educational dancing robots that may be programmed by children aged 5 and up. With its completely articulated torso, dexterous hands, and articulated fingers, Everest is extremely expressive. Everest has several applications that help him train himself to do various activities, including a Tai Chi practice in which he stands on one foot. His body features a touch screen, cameras in his eyes, and speakers on both sides of his head. All of this, even though he is just 18 inches tall.


UBTech’s Alexa-Powered Lynx Robot:

Lynx from UBTech Robotics is another comparable dancing robot. It’s Amazon Alexa on steroids, with a 17-inch torso, head, arms, and legs. Lynx has Alexa built-in, allowing you to operate your smart home, play music, and organize your day just by speaking to the robot. Lynx may also identify your face and adjust its behavior accordingly.


Tanscorp UU Robot:

Tanscorp’s UU, a very expressive dancing robot intended to converse, dance, detect things, avoid obstacles, move on wheels, and create facial expressions, was my favorite humanoid robot at CES 2017. Voice and face recognition capabilities, a 3D smart scene map generating system, a clever deep learning engine, a robotic situational awareness system, and smart digital programming make UU extremely sophisticated.


Hoverboard Robot Dancer:

This is a human on a hoverboard dressed as a robot, not a robot. Kudos to him or her; riding a hoverboard is difficult enough, let alone ripping up the dance floor to open CES on a hoverboard.


iPal Robot from AvatarMind:

Finally, AvatarMind’s iPal social robot is on display at CES. iPal, who stands at 3.5 feet tall, can chat, dance, tell tales, and promote physical exercise. It can exchange videos and talk with pals using the tiny tablet on its breast.

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