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Top 5 Tech Stocks To Watch for Sure on October 20th, 2021


October 20, 2021

Tech Stocks

As most of the companies have been turning towards better technologies to scale up their businesses, investors are also looking towards big tech companies to invest in the top tech stocks. Analytics Insight is here to help you out by listing the top 5 tech stocks to buy on October 20, 2021. Why late, here are the top tech stocks that you can invest in. 



Current Price: US$510.39

Market Cap: US$210.08 Billion 

Broadcom Corporation is a semiconductor company that is based in America. The company is an expert in manufacturing products for the wireless and broadband communication industry. The company ranks about 56 on the top tech stocks list. 



Current Price: US$1,486

Market Cap: US$185.51 Billion

Shopify Inc. is an e-commerce multinational company that has obtained the name of its proprietary e-commerce platform for retail and online sales. It is headquartered in Ottawa and ranks about 66 on the top tech stocks list. 



Current Price: US$605.00

Market Cap: US$146.72 Billion 

Keyence Corporation is a company that manufactures and designs vision systems, automation sensors, barcode readers, laser makers measuring instruments, and digital microscopes. The company is a direct sales organization and ranks about 92 on the top tech stocks list. 



Current Price: US$3.86

Market Cap: US$53.47 Billion 

Foxconn Technology Group is being traded with the name Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, Ltd better known as Foxconn. It is a multinational Taiwanese electronic company that manufactures electronics. The company ranks about 352 on the top tech stocks list. 



Current Price: US$332.14

Market Cap:  US$50.48 Billion 

KLA Corporation is a capital equipment company with its headquarters located in Milpitas, California. It supplies princess control and yields management systems for the industry of semiconductors along with other industries of nanoelectronics too. The company ranks about 378 on the top tech stocks list.

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