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Top Big Data Analytics Project Ideas for Engineering Students


November 21, 2021

These big data analytics projects can add great weightage to your resume

Big data as the name suggests is a large amount of data that is growing exponentially and it is difficult to be managed by traditional data management tools. These large data sets need cost-efficient, innovative, and efficient methods for analysis so that they can be helpful to devise insights. When we look at Facebook that has hundreds of users across the globe. Facebook generates about 500 petabytes of data. And soso, the company also uses Bigbig data to handle data needs. Most engineering students want to get into the field of big data analytics. Here are the top big data analytics project ideas for students.   


Project ideas on big data analytics 

Reusing results

Big data analytics is an interesting topic. As parallel processing and competition are a bit time-consuming tasks that take away a lot of resources, one can re-utilize them and get over the time-consuming tasks. This also helps in improving the efficiency of the system. Such big data analytics projects help to create systems on Hadoop/Pig that can reuse the previous computational results to avoid redundancy. 


Indoor localization 

Indoor localization of hand-held devices is vital for indoor navigation purposes. Many methods are used for the same as wireless fingerprints. The recent approaches work on building a localization model to describe the relationship between the Bluetooth received signal strength indicator and device location using a motion-assisted device tracking algorithm.


Trace data leakage 

Security these days is a vital concern of every organization due to exploitation and data leakages. This big data analytics project is based on the prevention of data leakages through side channels. Various programming techniques have been used to formalize and create systems for the same. 


Cross-platform query 

The increasing size of structured data is a tough issue that can be quite challenging. This big data deals with creating a system to manage and analyze petabytes levels of data. This works on overcoming the traditional problems such as limit issues, on incorporating a cross query platform system in the data for easier access. 


Load management 

A telecom system is used by many customers so even the slightest optimization can be very useful. This big data analytics project aims at designing such an optimized system and creating an emulation of the same in C++ and MATLAB.


Build a scalable event-based data pipeline 

This big data analytics project will teach you how to design and implement an event-based data integration pipeline on the Google Cloud Platform by processing data using DataFlow. Data-driven integration becomes less comfortable, and therefore event-based data integration must be preferred.


Data warehouse design 

A data warehouse is essentially a large collection of data for a business that helps the business make informed decisions based on the analysis of the data. For an e-commerce site, the data warehouse would be a central repository, which consists of consolidated data ranging from searches to purchases made by site visitors.  

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