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Top Blockchain Jobs in India to Apply this October Weekend


October 16, 2021

Over the past decade, blockchain and cryptocurrency have started from scratch and made into the mainstream ecosystem. Similar to the internet, blockchain technology came as a massive disruption in 2009 with the introduction of blockchain technology. After that, people started adopting blockchain and invested in cryptocurrencies, making it one of the top necessities in today’s decentralized and digital world. The surge in blockchain usage has opened the door for blockchain jobs. With US$2 trillion market capitalization, the crypto sphere is highly reliant on the blockchain network and its functionalities. Therefore, the need for top blockchain jobs like blockchain developer, blockchain analyst, blockchain consultant, etc. is drastically growing. Sometimes, cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs go hand-in-hand with a similar description and skill requirement. Analytics Insight has listed the top blockchain jobs in India that aspirants should apply for today.


Top Blockchain Jobs in India

 Software Engineer, Blockchain Cloud Services at VMware

Location: Bengaluru

Roles and Responsibilities: As a Software engineer, blockchain cloud services at VMware, the candidate is expected to work with the team of engineers to provide deployment, management, and monitoring of blockchain both on-premises and to different cloud providers. He/she should participate in all phases of the software development process in a DevOps model. They should work with an agile team, provide detailed scheduled estimates for development efforts. The candidate should collaborate with other technical leaders in the larger organization to deliver and maintain the enterprise-class software product. They should help maintain technical acumen in key technology areas to help guide the evolution of our platforms.


  • The candidate is expected to have knowledge of modern software development methodologies, with emphasis on high availability services at scale.
  • He/she should have significant development experience with Java 8+.
  • They should have prior experience with Spring Boot 2.x.
  • The candidate should have experience designing API first software (Swagger).
  • He/she should have knowledge or experience in APIs integration SOA like REST Webservices, SSO Implementation, etc.
  • Knowledge in VMware products, specifically, cloud-related solutions such as vSphere, vCenter, ESXi/ESX, or contending cloud solutions and products are preferred.
  • They should proficiently understand code versioning tools such as GIT, Mercurial, or SVN.

Apply here for the job.


DLT/Blockchain Expert (Lead Research Engineer) at Siemens Limited

Location: Bengaluru

Roles and Responsibilities: The DLT/Blockchain Expert should work closely with Siemens team members including other teams like design, implementation, and testing of blockchain and related applications. He/she should research fundamentals and application-level improvements to blockchain frameworks.


  • The candidate should hold a Bachelor’s or a higher degree in Computer Science or equivalent field.
  • He/she should have at least 3-years of experience in designing and developing software applications.
  • They should have advanced proficiency in programming languages such as C, Java, and Python.
  • Extensive experience in back-end development, algorithms, and data structures is mandatory.
  • The candidate should have at least one year of experience with Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, or other blockchain protocols.
  • They should have a good understanding of relational and NoSQL databases.

Apply here for the job.


Application Developer: Blockchain at IBM

 Location: Gurugram

Roles and Responsibilities: As an Application Developer: Blockchain, the candidate will lead IBM into the future by translating system requirements into the design and development of customized systems in an agile environment. He/she will work to power the company and its clients globally by collaborating and integrating code into enterprise systems. They will have access to the latest education, tools and technology, and a limitless career path with the world’s technology leader.


  • The candidate should have a minimum of 4 years of experience as an application developer using NodeJS, AngularJS, Typescript, Golang, Advanced Java developer, or Spring Boot.
  • He/she should have expertise in Web Services Development with blockchain frameworks.
  • They should be proficient in no-SQL databases, OpenAPI specification, docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Centenarization technology.
  • The candidate should have experience in UNix, Linux scripting along with experience in blockchain technology.
  • They should also have experience in writing smart contracts for large-scale blockchain solutions.

Apply here for the job.


Blockchain Architect at Tech Mahindra (urgent recruitment)

Location: Chennai

Roles and Responsibilities: The blockchain architect at Tech Mahindra is expected to work closely with decentralized and distributed systems architecture and design. He/she should come with full-stack coding or programming skills and work on gRPC service development. They should be good at configuring networks, certificates, and onboarding templates. The candidate should be well-versed at the building, deploying, and automated testing using CI/CD Tools.


  • The candidate should have hands-on experience in Node, JS, Go, Java, and Shell.
  • He/she should be well-versed in public blockchains like Ethereum, binance smart chain, EOS, and Stellar Private.
  • They should have Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric, COrda, Hashgraph knowledge.
  • The candidate should be good at middleware like Kafka, Rabbit MQ, Redis Pub-Sub.

Apply here for the jobs.


Blockchain Developer at InnoWave

Location: Bengaluru

Roles and Responsibilities: InnoWave is hunting for blockchain developers who can design, implement, and distribute a secure blockchain-based network. He/she should collaborate with managers to determine blockchain technology needs and envisage functionalities. They should create application features and interfaces by using programming languages and writing multithreaded codes. The candidate should apply the latest cryptography techniques to protect digital transaction data against cyberattacks and information hacks. They should also maintain client and server-side applications.


  • The candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree in information security, computer science, or any other related field.
  • He/she should have 2+ years of experience as a blockchain developer.
  • He/she should be a blockchain developer ideally with experience in smart wallets, R3 Corda, and Ethereum smart contracts.
  • They should have advanced proficiency in programming languages such as C++, Java, and Python.
  • The candidate should have expensive experience in back-end development, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Knowledge of cryptography and blockchain protocols is also necessary.

Apply here for the job.

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