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Top Companies Using Business Intelligence to the Fullest

Business intelligence is a broad term that encompasses data mining, process analysis, performance benchmarking, and descriptive analytics. BI parses all the data generated by a business and presents easy-to-digest reports, performance measures, and trends that inform management decisions.



Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel and New York City, New York

Sisense is known and considered as one of the leaders in business intelligence. It’s a business analytics software company founded in 2004 with products that specialize in the analysis of big data. It has both back-end and front-end for non-technical users to analyze large volumes of data sets from multiple sources powered by in-chip technology and for creating visualizations (such as reports and dashboards) on any device including mobile devices, respectively. Sisense features include a smart and easy-to-use data gathering and manipulation module. What’s great about this top product is it also allows you to create real-time dashboards for better and faster business decision-making.

Pricing: Sisense has an annual license model with custom pricing. With that, the cost of your subscription is priced specifically for your business based on the number of users, the volume of data, type of project, and timeline of the project, among others.

Implementation Speed: One of Sisense’s strengths is its fast implementation process. Setting up and deployment of the product are finished within a matter of days as there are no additional servers and hardware to set up.


Zoho Analytics

Co-headquarters: Chennai, India

Zoho Analytics is a product of Zoho Corporation, an Indian software development company with global headquarters in Chennai and US headquarters at Pleasanton, California. However, there are plans to move its U.S. base to Austin, Texas, by 2021. Zoho Corporation has taken the SaaS world by storm by offering many different products that are priced a little lower yet have the same computational power and usability as top brands. Zoho Analytics is one of them. And, like all its software siblings, it is very easy to use even if you are not a seasoned analyst or data scientist. Zoho Analytics simplifies the complex and complicated concepts and tools for thinking and packages it in a well-design interface. You can easily see what we mean by this by checking out the product via a free trial.

Pricing: There is a free plan available for two users with five workspaces. Paid plans start at $22.50 a month.

Implementation speed: For smaller organizations, you can implement this pretty easily and have something operational by a day or two. For larger organizations, it can take weeks to have everything connected and for some staff to be trained.


Wyn Enterprise

Headquarters: Sendai, Japan

Wyn Enterprise is the proprietary product of GrapeCity Inc., a multinational corporation based in Sendai, Japan. However, the company has major office locations in several countries, including China, Australia, and the U.S. The company was founded by American Paul Broman in Miyagi prefecture, Japan. It was initially named Bunka Orient Corporation, providing clients with school management software, among many others. It grew and changed its name to GrapeCity. Also, more than a decade ago, it acquired two U.S. tech companies to help its expansion.

Now, it’s Wyn Enterprise product is making waves in the industry. This provides professionals with tools to create complex dashboards and reports without knowing how to code. You can even source different types of data from different locations and integrate them for analysis. If you are interested in its features, you can check out the product yourself when you sign up for a free trial. What’s more, is that it has other features that round out its offering. These include the modules for operational planning, animations, visual data explorer, and many more. Of course, core Wyn Enterprise features include data analytics, modeling, reporting tools, and specialized portals for users.

Pricing: Quote-based plans

Implementation Speed: The product is easy to install and use without much technical knowledge. You can use it meaningfully in some operational manner within hours.



Co-Headquarters: Provo, Utah, and Seattle, Washington

Qualtrics is a successful experience management company with co-headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and Provo, Utah. Founded in 2002, it was acquired by SAP, a multinational software corporation catering to businesses, for US$8 billion. The acquisition process was closed just last January 23, 2019. Qualtrics Research Core is its business intelligence software solution that makes actionable insights more accessible to businesses. Key Qualtrics Research Core features include shopper research, data management, compensation management, statistical analysis, perception and awareness research, and segmentation and targeting. Moreover, it has modules for multi-channel survey management and one for testing names and concepts.

Pricing: Free

Implementation Speed: It takes hours setting up the product and days to get it more or less operational if you have a large set of needs. Also, you may take weeks to be good at using the tool.



Co-Headquarters: Staffordshire, England

Founded in 2006, Connexica is known for making data easier and quicker to manipulate and understand. With its headquarters at Staffordshire, England, it provides users with the popular business intelligence software, CXAIR Platform. This product allows its users to use data to create evidenced-based actionable insights that they can use to optimize their business processes. What’s more, is that this comprehensive feature set is packaged in an easy-to-use interface. Core CXAIR features include a report viewer, interactive Venn diagrams, data stories, visual analytics, crosstabs, data rules, and dashboarding. These allow you to use your real-time data to inform your real-time business decision-making.

Main Product: CXAIR Platform

Pricing: Around $6537per year (£5,000)

Implementation Speed: This depends upon your needs. It can take up to days or weeks.

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