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Top Cybersecurity Mergers and Acquisitions in 2021 You Should Know

Cybersecurity Mergers

In the post-pandemic era, 2021 has been the prime for mergers & acquisitions especially, in the cybersecurity industry. This year has been significant, there were nearly close to 40 firms that were acquired until now. The level of activity is driven by growth in sectors such as identity management, managed security services, cloud security, and DevSecOps. Know what are the new cybersecurity mergers and cybersecurity acquisitions in the last months in this article.


FireMon Acquires DisruptOps

On September 8th, FireMon, which is a network security management vendor acquired DisruptsOps, a cloud security firm to add to its solutions. With these cybersecurity acquisitions, FireMon is likely to bring the ability to monitor and respond to customers’ security needs across public cloud infrastructure. The firm says that this acquisition will deliver the security operations platform of the future.


LogPoint Acquires SecBI

On September 1st, LogPoint acquired SecBI which is most popularly known for its automated threat detection and response capabilities. LogPoint integrates with SecBI for its SOAR and EDR platform into its own solutions. This is one of the cybersecurity acquisitions in 2021 that allows customers to quickly launch automated notifications and security remediations using SecBI’s capabilities.


OwnBackup Acquires RevCult

On August 31st, OwnBackup acquired RevCult which is a SaaS security posture management solution for Salesforce. This is one of the top cybersecurity acquisitions in 2021, where the firm can help in proactive data backup, compare, monitor, and restore capabilities with the help of this cybersecurity acquisition.


XYPRO Technology Acquires Workload Aware Security

On August 31st, XYPRO acquired Workload Aware Security from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, bringing security and compliance monitoring capabilities for SAP HANA and Linux into its security portfolio. But HPE will as usual sell and distribute WASL. It is one of the cybersecurity acquisitions in 2021 to develop the platform.


Check Point Software Technologies Acquires Avanan

On August 30th, Check Point Software acquired Avanan. This cybersecurity acquisition is expected to extend Check Point’s security capabilities to collaboration suites such as Slack and Teams.  This acquisition represents a huge potential as Check Point Software Technologies is looking for a new approach to email and collaboration suite security.


Feedzai Buys Revelock

On August 4th, Feedzai acquired Revelock which is a biometric platform. This cybersecurity merger is significant as Feedzai can create the world’s largest AI-based financial risk management platform. This is now going to create better digital commerce that is safe for everyone to use.


Ivanti Acquires RiskSense

On August 2nd, Ivanti acquired RiskSense’s vulnerability management and prioritization technology. The combination is expected to drive the next evolution of patch management and can help organizations reduce their exposure and make a major impact on the global cybersecurity space.


Deloitte Acquires aeCyber solutions

Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory has acquired the cybersecurity firm aeCybersolutions that can increase cyber resilience and regulatory compliance more important than ever before on August 3rd. As industrial organizations digitally transform to adopt more emerging technologies like 5G, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, our acquisition of the aeCyberSolutions business helps us to offer leading-edge ICS/OT technologies and related advisory services”, said the press release.

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