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Top Data Engineer and Data Architect Certifications for Better Career Growth


October 20, 2021

The implementation of data science is a game-changer for all types of organizations in different industries across the world. There are multiple lucrative job roles that data science offers such as data scientists, data engineers, data architects, data analysts, and many more. Reputed companies are in dire need of these job roles to have effective data management throughout the year and receive meaningful in-depth insights to retain customer loyalty and yield higher profit in this cut-throat competitive market. Aspiring data engineers and data architects can receive data certifications through multiple recognized online data courses. Professional websites and reputed educational institutions are available that provide data certifications for better career growth. Let’s explore some of the top data engineer and data architect certifications for a successful professional career.



Top data certifications for data engineers and data architects

Professional Data Engineer from Google

The Google Professional Data Engineer online data course offers the ability to design data processing systems, operationalize machine learning models, ensure solution quality, and build data processing systems. The length of this data certification examination is two hours in online mode or at the nearest test center through the online-proctored examination. Candidates need to have more than three years of practical experience including over one year of designing and managing solutions with Google Cloud.

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Certified Big Data Architect from IBM

The IBM Certified Big Data Architect online data course requires only one examination with software areas such as BigInsights, BigSQL, Hadoop, and Cloudant whereas the software areas of peripheral focus include information server, data governance, analytic tools, data availability, machine learning, and many more. There are some recommended prerequisite skills needed for completing this data certification such as a strong ability to understand the data layer, translate functional requirements, provide physical architecture, and many more. There should be also a strong understanding of data layer, cluster management, network requirements, data modeling, latency, disaster recovery, and many more.

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Certified Big Data Engineer from IBM

The IBM Certified Big Data Engineer online course consists of one test and offers Test Preparation Lab for the full preparation facility to interested candidates. It needs software areas of central focus such as BigInsights, BigSQL, Hadoop, and Cloudant while on peripheral focus like data governance, security features of BigInsights, BigMatch, Guardium, BigSheets, Netezza, DB2 BLU, and many more. It is essential to understand LDAP Security, data monitoring, PII, data variety, data querying techniques, scalability, cluster management, and many more.

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AWS Data Architect Bootcamp from Udemy

AWS Data Architect Bootcamp covers AWS databases, EMR, IoT, QuickSight, and many more in its data certification online course. Aspiring data architects will learn about AWS solutions for machine learning, cognitive solutions, ingestions, migration, and the cost of more than 40 AWS services to design efficient solutions. There are 38 sections with 295 lectures that include AWS Transfer for SFTP, AWS Snowball, AWS Database migration services, Amazon S3 Glacier, AWS RDS, and many more. There should be a basic working knowledge of AWS Console, S3, EC2, VPC, and many others.

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Azure Data Engineer Associate from Microsoft

The Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate online data course requires interested candidates to have subject matter expertise integrating, transforming, as well as consolidating data from multiple structured and unstructured data systems. This data certification course helps ensure data pipelines and data stores are high-performing, efficient, and reliable. There should be a strong knowledge of SQL, Python, Scala, and many more. There are skills measured in this online data course such as designing, implementing, and optimizing data storage, developing data processing, and implementing data security. Aspiring data engineers can have one of the two ways to prepare for this online data course— free online and paid instructor-led.

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Big Data Engineering Certification from DASCA

DASCA offers a Big Data Engineering Certification course with major international qualifications for software engineers and programmers to have better career growth in big data development and engineering professions. It provides two levels of data engineering course— Associate Big Data Engineer and Senior Big Data Engineer— to candidates who have successfully cleared the 100-minutes DASCA online examinations across 183 countries.

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