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Top Healthcare Datasets for AI Projects in 2021


October 22, 2021


The implementation of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector has created immense opportunities for doctors and nurses to treat patients successfully. The machine learning algorithms in AI projects mimic human cognition in the analysis of highly complicated healthcare data. Datasets for AI offer a diverse range of advantages over traditional healthcare methods. These healthcare datasets are helping to transform the healthcare sector across the world with some major breakthrough innovations. Let’s explore some of the top healthcare datasets for AI projects available in 2021.


Top healthcare datasets for AI projects is one of the top healthcare datasets for AI projects with top-notch health data for entrepreneurs, researchers, and many more for better outcomes from projects. There are HHS COVID-19 datasets and HHS Protect Public Data Hub and many more for helping any AI project related to the healthcare sector. It is an official website of the United States government that allocates millions of dollars for artificial intelligence investment. The aim of the government is to make these healthcare datasets discoverable and valuable to any project including AI projects. There is a wide range of topics available such as environmental health, medical devices, community health, mental health, and many more. This healthcare dataset is collected from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and state partners for the welfare of the healthcare sector.


Chronic Disease Indicators

Chronic Disease Indicators is one of the top healthcare datasets freely available for AI projects as a part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is a set of surveillance indicators developed by the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists, the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, and many more. This healthcare dataset has enabled public health professionals and researchers to retrieve uniformly defined state-level healthcare data from the healthcare sector.


Human Mortality Database

Human Mortality Database was created to provide detailed mortality and population data to researchers, students, and many more for helping in AI projects for the improvement in the healthcare sector. It is a combination of two teams of researchers from the USA and Germany to help scientific collaborators across the world. This healthcare dataset platform seeks to provide open and international access to data of population and mortality for 41 countries. It has recently decided to establish a new data resource with data formats and methods available in the STMFNote format. It is also focused on publishing original input data in a standardized format.


V7 COVID-19 X-Ray Dataset

V7 COVID-19 X-Ray dataset is one of the top healthcare datasets for AI projects since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2019. This dataset is known for comprising 6500 images of AP/PA chest x-rays with pixel-level polygonal lung segmentations. Researchers can explore 517 cases of COVID-19. But this healthcare dataset is not suitable for clinical diagnostics. Each image consists of two lung segmentation masks including most of the heart and lung opacities, a tag for the type of pneumonia, and additional tags with minute details like age, sex, temperature, ICU admission, and many more. The images can be exported in C0C0, V0C, Darwin JS0N formats.


OASIS Brains Datasets

The Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (OASIS) is a project that makes neuroimaging datasets of the brain for free availability to the scientific community where some researchers can use it for AI projects. The hope is to facilitate future discoveries in clinical neuroscience in the healthcare sector. OASIS-3 is known as a longitudinal neuroimaging, clinical, and biomarker healthcare dataset for normal aging as well as Alzheimer’s disease. It allows full access to a significant database of neuroimaging and processed imaging data across a wide demographic and genetic spectrum.

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