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Top Hybrid Cloud Computing Companies to Watch in 2021

Cloud Computing

The digital transformation has drastically transformed the IT sector with the introduction of cloud computing in the existing system. There is ample scope for cloud computing to thrive in tech companies through public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud, as well as hybrid cloud. Cloud computing has created multiple different job opportunities for human employees such as cloud architects, cloud security architects, cloud engineers, and many more with lucrative salary packages. The global hybrid cloud computing market is set to reach US$380 billion in 2028 with a CAGR of 22.5%. Thus, let’s explore some of the top hybrid cloud computing companies to watch in 2021 for efficient services.


Top hybrid cloud computing companies in 2021


Microsoft Azure is one of the top hybrid cloud computing companies in 2021 with multiple hybrid cloud Azure products and services. The products and services include Azure hybrid cloud solutions, Azure Arc, Azure Stack, Azure hybrid benefit, Azure VMWare solution, Azure sentinel, Azure defender, Azure express route, and Azure VPN gateway. This tech company offers hybrid cloud solutions to provide the consistency and flexibility to innovate at any place with a holistic as well as secure approach in cloud computing. Azure helps to build and deploy a truly consistent app experience in a hybrid cloud with unified hybrid security management and advanced threat protection for all kinds of workloads. It helps to build hybrid cloud solutions through some example solution architectures.



VMware is a popular hybrid cloud computing company that offers consistent infrastructure and operations with VMware hybrid cloud solutions. This tech company helps to shift the existing workload with better speed and confidence with VMware tools without cost, complexity, as well as the risk of refactoring apps in cloud computing. It offers consistent hybrid cloud management while modernizing the data center. There are multiple products in this hybrid cloud computing company such as VMware cloud foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, HCI powered by VMware vSAN, and VMware vRealize cloud management.



Rackspace Technology offers to harness the power of a hybrid cloud with its VMware-based hybrid cloud solutions. It provides the benefits of consumption-based pricing and multi-tenancy, self-service, rapid provisioning, as well as automation. As a leading end-to-end multi-cloud technology solutions company, this tech company has started a collaboration with Dell Technologies for delivering a seamless path to hybrid cloud and an optimized experience with VMware Cloud Foundation in the cloud computing domain.



IBM is a well-known hybrid cloud computing company that offers smarter architecture speed transformation of multiple leading tech companies across the world. The foundation of adopting hybrid cloud solutions is the top hybrid cloud container platform known as the Red Hat OpenShift. There is an artificial intelligence-based software portfolio known as IBM Cloud Pak solutions that run on the Red Hat OpenShift. This tech company provides the most experienced practitioners in this hybrid approach to enhance business transformation. The hybrid cloud software helps to implement intelligent workflows in a business by unlocking the intelligence of AI and the agility of hybrid cloud through cloud computing.



Hewlett Packard Enterprise is popular for being a hybrid cloud computing company with its own hybrid cloud solutions to implement a cloud experience for all kinds of workloads efficiently and effectively. It helps to navigate cloud complexities and speed the process of digital transformation through hybrid approaches. A business can build hybrid cloud solutions with leading cloud providers to create an enterprise-ready hybrid cloud. HPE container platform brings the cloud experience to non-cloud native apps while building a business case for a hybrid cloud.



Cisco is one of the top hybrid cloud computing companies with Cisco HyperFlex solutions for hybrid cloud across the world. It works with different hybrid cloud and container management services with multiple choices. This tech company has started working with public cloud providers and the open-source community to develop hybrid solutions for a production-grade experience. A business can seamlessly shift applications from HyperFlex on-premises environment to various public clouds with hi-tech companies.

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