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Top Indian AI Companies Offering Remote Working in 2021

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The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has instigated almost different types of companies to start a system known as remote working with multiple employee benefits. Remote working has encouraged digital transformation across the world for efficiency in productivity and generating higher revenue. Thus, this new system has supported various Indian AI companies to continue to offer remote working, especially in 2021, the post-second wave. It is expected that AI companies will stick to remote working for the next two to three years with the help of cloud computing. Let’s explore some of the top Indian AI companies that are offering remote working in 2021 by reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence.



Top Indian AI companies that are offering remote working in 2021

Oracle India

Oracle is known for offering flexible and remote working benefits to employees post-pandemic to maintain safety precautions. There is also unlimited vacation time, especially for full-time employees who managed to adopt the new digital transformation system efficiently and effectively. Being an Indian AI company, Oracle India has started offering an employee care package for multiple companies to adjust to the new workplace. There is a Return to the Workplace Journey that consists of proper guidance, resources, COVID-19 test, and many more other functionalities. The combination of artificial intelligence and cloud computing has helped in an automated experience for maintaining utmost safety post-pandemic.


Zensar Technologies

Zensar Technologies is one of the popular Indian AI companies that has offered remote working in the long term post-pandemic. It has announced that the entire department of sales will have to continue working permanently from home across its group companies. Besides sales staff, other employees can continue remote working for two weeks per month during the ongoing pandemic. It is among the top AI companies that opted for a structure-focused rather than focusing on remote working amidst the unprecedented times. This company considers that remote working has provided some benefits to the company such as reimagining different processes to source talents from household wives or disabled people who need to work for a standard living and many more.


Bosch India

Bosch India is known for developing a high-trust and high-performance work culture for its employees. It has released the Flexibility@Bosch policy to create a unique experience for different departments in this company. This Indian AI company offers different new ways of working by safeguarding the health and safety of all employees while maintaining all the business productivity. It is one of the popular AI companies that has provided flexibility to its employees for remote working to balance work-life efficiently.


Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems is one of the popular Indian AI companies that has offered remote working in 2021 through sufficient encouragement to maintain a healthy balance between professional life and personal life. This AI company has offered flexible working hours as well as remote working opportunities with special leaves including paternity leave and child adoption leave for the betterment of employees.

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