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Top Robotics Communities and Forums to Sign in For


September 28, 2021


There are many robotics forums on the internet, and it may be hard to know which ones are most reliable. Where is the best place to post your questions, ideas, or thoughts? Which ones are going to get you the most accurate answers? And which ones do the professionals trust? DIY-robotics came up with a 5-point ranking system and rated a large sample of available forums on their activity, feedback, and user experience. In this article, we are proud to feature our picks for the top ten robotics forums.


RoboDK Forum

RoboDK is a great and powerful simulator for commercial robots and also for robot programming. It’s a perfect tool for anyone who is a robotics enthusiast since it requires a low experience level to handle Their forum engages in discussions that aim to educate its members and find answers to questions that are RoboDK related. Through RoboDK simulation, the ability to program them offline, and their cost-effectiveness have made them one of the best robotic tools available. RoboDK forum has more than 200k monthly visitors and around 15 new daily posts. It has more than 4k existing message threads. RoboDK forum is one of the best sites to visit if you have any question regarding their software, robot programming or their commercial robotics.


DoF Collaborative Robotics Forum

The DoF collaborative robotics forum is a community that is run by Robotiq, the forum has been in existence since 2016 and has gained a massive following due to its impressive discussions about robotics and everything related to it. The increase in the innovation of robots, in various sectors of manufacturing and services, has seen many robotic users go back to learning a new set of skills, to keep up with the innovation and be productive. Thus, the importance of the DoF community that offers an e-learning platform to its members to aid them with knowledge on the latest innovations from Robotiq. The DoF community is an engaging site to visit and has around 2,143 discussions. It has more than 180k monthly visitors, and provides several options of interaction on its website, making it easier for anyone to contribute and learn from other members. It provides a platform for many robotics users, from experienced veterans to newer robotics users.


Robot Forum

The robot forum community is rated as one of the top sites for programmers and engineers who are working with robots. More than 120k people visit this forum every month. This forum provides a platform to unite a worldwide network of robot users, to create a supportive and cooperative community. The robot community is an active network that provides quality answers and gives its users a first-class experience. Through their site, they can offer support for Robotics specialists & students, and their discussion board is rated as the most active among robotics forums. This site provides a network and resource for both experienced robotics and newbie robotics. The site has recorded over 120k+ posts and has around 33k active members. Each day, more than 10 posts are added to the forum.


RobotShop Community

The RobotShop community has created a network that connects people in sectors like electronics, drones, programming, and robotic equipment. The forum has an exceptional balance of fun, academics & useful knowledge, and provides challenging materials that are accessible through their online platform.

The platform has over 800k monthly visits and 30k+ members with over 36k posts. RobotShop forum is has gained popularity through its engaging robot tutorials and blogs that aid both newbies and experienced robotics specialists.


Trossen Robotics Community

Trossen Robotics forum is one of the top-rated and highly respected robotics forums online. The community consists of a global network that is devoted to answering questions, giving out solutions, sharing important information, reviewing projects, and more. The Trossen Robotics community is a perfect forum for those who would like to discuss humanoid robots and construction robots. The forum has over 100k monthly visits and more than 70k existing threads.


Stack Exchange Robotics Site

The stack exchange network has a trusted site for robotics-related questions and answers. This community has +25.000 registered users, and more than 6000 questions and 9000 answers. This site is open to engineers and developers to post questions and have discussions on it, also the site can be of use to both experienced and newbie robotics specialists.


Robot Reviews

The robot review community records over 125k visits every month. Like other forums, the robot review community assists robotics specialists with Q&As, discussions, breaking news, and the ability to post questions and get help. Robot Review forum has its uniqueness, the site allows users to create their articles/blogs, a message board, and the power to post user-written blogs. You are in a position to contribute your thoughts or ideas to one of the world’s largest Robotics forums, plus your articles might get featured on the front page.


Society of Robots

If you are a newbie in the game of robotics, and you do not know where to start, the society of robots is the place for you. This society has one of the greatest resources, the forum provides an AI-powered real-time chat-board that aids in answering questions. This forum is one of the largest robot-building forums on the web. The forum houses over 120k thread posts and more than 10 posts are added to the forum every day.


DF Robot

DF Robot forum is one of the greatest resources in the making of Arduino, 3D printing, vortex, and many visual programming languages. With more than 600k monthly visits, the DF Robot community is a fantastic place to get answers and support from developers and engineers who are experts in their relevant robotics fields. This forum provides a good introduction to the robotics community for beginners and a comfortable home for experienced enthusiasts.


ABB RobotStudio Forums

The ABB RobotStudio forums are the main community for people using ABB robots in hand with their simulation software. The forum is highly active and you are likely to receive your answers from the ABB support staff and other ABB users if you are one of the customers. It has around 145k monthly visits and over 10k thread posts.

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