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Top Robotics Companies Working as a Service Provider in 2021


November 8, 2021

Robotics is already driving the flexibility and competitiveness in small- and large-scale manufacturing industries. Without it, many of the world’s prominent and successful manufacturing industries would not be able to operate and compete with others.


NVIDIA, U.S. based Company:

Nvidia Corporation generally referred to as Nvidia, is a U.S.-based technology company that specializes in designing and selling interactive graphics on PCs, mobile devices, laptops, notebooks, workstations, and more. The company’s ISSAC Software Development Kit (SDK) is a platform that provides a set of tools, tutorials, libraries, and GPU-enabled algorithms to accelerate the development of robotics applications. In 2018, the company introduced its new chip known as the Jetson AGX Xavier Module that is the go-to brain for next-generation robots. For the fiscal year 2019, Nvidia’s revenue accounted for  US$11.72 billion.


Microsoft, USA Company

Microsoft is a U.S.-based multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses supports, and sells software, electronics, PCs, and related services. Valued over US$1 trillion and reporting over US$125 billion in revenues in FY2019, the company’s portfolio includes a wide range of products, including the ROS 1 and ROS 2 support for Microsoft Windows 10. In May 2019, Microsoft launched a new platform for building autonomous robots, which has partially been possible because the company acquired AI startup Bonsai. The platform will help developers train models to power autonomous physical systems.


iRobot, American Company

iRobot Corporation is an American advanced technology company that specializes in designing and building robots. The company’s robotics suite of products includes the Roomba Vacuuming Robot from the home robot cleaning category. At present, more than 20 million robots have been sold worldwide. Other products in the line-up include the Braava family of mopping robots, advanced concepts in cleaning, mapping, and navigation, and feature proprietary technologies. In 2018, the company went into a joint venture with Google to integrate robotic and smart home technologies to advance the next-generation smart home. Through this collaboration, the companies aim at building robots and technologies to enable the smart home.


Cruise Automation, USA

Cruise Automation, generally referred to as Cruise, is a U.S.-based self-driving car company and a subsidiary of the American multinational conglomerate General Electric. The company raised a staggering US$1.65 billion thanks to Honda and the Softbank Vision Fund. In January 2020, Cruise unveiled the new line of driverless electric vehicles called The Cruise Origin to supplement its self-driving and robotics businesses. In January 2019, the company partnered with DoorDash to test a food delivery service using autonomous cars, to explore different revenue streams around self-driving vehicles.


Boston Dynamics, USA

Boston Dynamics is an American engineering and robotics design company, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group. Last month, the company announced its collaboration with material handling and transportation company OTTO Motors to show how a heterogeneous robot can be faster and more efficient — as a part of “the future of warehouse automation.” In November 2019, Boston Dynamics announced a collaboration with several companies that would allow its Soft Robot platform to help automate tasks in the construction industry.

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