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Top Tech Companies Working on Augmented Intelligence in 2021


November 7, 2021

Tech Companies

Artificial intelligence has started dominating the global tech market in these recent years across the world. The cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence has generated one of the important types for tech companies known as augmented intelligence or intelligence amplification. Augmented intelligence is a combination of machine learning and predictive analytics to enhance human intelligence efficiently and effectively. This introduction to intelligence amplification has created multiple augmented intelligence companies for smart functionalities. Thus, the global augmented intelligence market size is expected to hit US$121.5 billion in 2030 with a CAGR of 26.4%. Let’s explore some of the augmented intelligence companies in the world that are using artificial intelligence to enhance human intelligence.


Top tech companies working on augmented intelligence


Google is one of the top tech companies determined to transform augmented intelligence for the tech-driven future. Being a hi-tech company on artificial intelligence, Google has set some principles to realize this transformation with augmented intelligence— users should be able to interact with a computer with voice, gesture, and vision through embedded IoT devices, augmented intelligence should be ambient at any place at any time and should learn and adapt with ever-changing time. This tech company has some of the top use cases of connected augmented intelligence— Google street view, Google maps, AutoML, and many more.



Amazon is a popular augmented intelligence company that has launched an augmented intelligence service known as Amazon Augmented AI or Amazon A2I.  It helps to easily implement human reviews of machine learning predictions to ensure accuracy with sensitive data. Augmented intelligence in business can help in providing insights for improvements, opportunities, retrain models with up-to-date predictions, and many more. Amazon A2I is known for bringing human reviews to all developers and removing undifferentiated heavy lifting whether it runs on AWS. Amazon has successfully implemented augmented intelligence in business, financial services, healthcare, and so on. The combination of artificial intelligence with augmented intelligence works with Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Translate, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Fraud Detector, and Amazon SageMaker.



IBM is one of the top tech companies that is working on augmented intelligence to improve lives and give hope through artificial intelligence. There are three principles followed by IBM to work on augmented intelligence— purpose, transparency, and skill. Being a tech company, IBM is focused on transforming the healthcare service with AI including oncology, genomics, government sector, and many more. IBM has mentioned that it is focused on AI and other artificial intelligence systems to improve human capabilities and boost productivity. It has also observed the functionalities of augmented intelligence in business such as client experience and engagement, advisory services, and risk and compliance.



Being one of the top tech companies working with augmented intelligence, Microsoft believes that AI should be augmented intelligence instead of artificial intelligence. The approach of Microsoft applied cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence in different ways with a trusted cloud platform, tools, and services to implement augmented intelligence in a business environment. This tech company offers both industry know-how and enterprise-grade solutions for a successful digital transformation with AI.

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