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Top Tips to Become the Perfect CTO in an Organization in 2021


November 27, 2021

A good CTO is someone who is both a developer and who holds a leadership role. They have excellent technical and soft skills. Their qualities are intricate and include: A good CTO is well-versed in technology. They would have accumulated vast technical experience by having worked on different levels of development and have dealt with many challenges.


Good Communication Skills

Being a CTO doesn’t mean being the most talented developer on the team. It’s the person with the best communication skills. For example, a CTO has to know how to speak in a technical language to developers. Similarly, they have to know how to talk in a business language to clients. Whether it’s emails, chatting on Slack, video conferencing on Zoom, or talking face-to-face, the communication skills of a CTO have to be extensive and exceptional. Simply put, a good CTO wants to listen to customers, and even better, a good CTO will do at least an hour of live chat support every day. That’s what our CTO does, and he’s the best I’ve ever worked with. He never loses empathy for the end-user and the customer, which helps him understand why the technology he is building is so important.


Knowing Who to Hire

The talent shortage is a serious problem. More companies are looking for talent than qualified candidates are looking for new job opportunities. As qualified candidates are so rare, it’s only natural for the CTO to participate in the hiring process for the development team. They should possess the skills of knowing who would be an excellent cultural fit and who has the right skills for the company. A good CTO can put together an amazing engineering team. They should possess the skills to attract, retain, and inspire the best talent. What’s more, they should be able to recognize talent.


Strategic Mindset

Instead of seeing the tree, the CTO must see the forest. In other words, a CTO is a strategic visionary. They must see the bigger picture of what the company is moving towards and how it can get there. As a result, they would spend a lot of time reading about new business models and technologies. They will analyze the competitors and draft a technology strategy on how the company can reach its business goals and stay ahead of the competition.  To disrupt markets, a startup must have disruptive ideas. The source of those ideas is usually the development team, with the CTO in charge. A good CTO would hire exceptional developers, create a culture of motivation, and encourage the sharing of ideas.


Technological Insight

Ensuring quality across all software being written is a critical responsibility of a CTO. For that to happen, a good CTO should be able to work alongside his or her development team – because they know how to. Beyond knowing how to code though, a CTO should also have enough technological insight to recognize when a new solution, coding language, tool, or hardware device is worth exploring – and when they are not.


Decision Making

Whether you’re deciding to migrate your tech stack, reorganize your development team, or prepare a presentation for potential investors, as a CTO, you’re going to be marking a lot of decisions, both on a long and short-term basis. When it comes to technological and business decisions, a great CTO should make moves based on evidence and experience. As for decisions pertaining to in-house affairs and office politics – well, those usually prove to be the most technical of all.


Team Management and Deadlines

A CTO might make the big decisions, but they don’t (usually) work alone. Instead, they’ll have a passionate team behind them that cares just as much about the product as they do. That’s the idea, anyway. With that in mind, part of being a great CTO is excellent team management. A strong CTO isn’t afraid to hire team members that bring new and sometimes unpopular ideas to the table. Beyond being able to cultivate and manage high performers, a stellar CTO will consistently be able to lead a team towards new and innovative software releases, and on schedule, too. This requires stellar team management and communication skills that few possess.

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