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Twitter is Now Allowing Users to Send and Receive Bitcoin Tips!

Recently, Twitter announced a new feature for its users. This new feature will allow users to tip their most favorite content creators using bitcoin. It will enable Twitter influencers to earn money from anywhere in the world regardless of any geographical restrictions. The company has partnered with the strike, a platform built on the Bitcoin lightning network, which facilitates instant international payments virtually with no transaction costs. Twitter also mentioned that as its feature is using traditional, non-crypto platforms, it will not take a cut from the tips exchanged between the users.


How to send tips using the bitcoin wallet feature on Twitter?

To conduct transactions, the users have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Firstly, to confirm that the bitcoin wallet transfer is supported by the recipients’ profile, click on the tips option in the users’ profile.
  • If the feature is supported, there will be a bitcoin wallet address attached to the profile.
  • The tips sender can copy-paste this address in their bitcoin wallet to send them tips directly.


How to send Bitcoin tips via the lightning network?

The lightning network is a secondary payment layer built on the bitcoin network to enable safe and cheap transactions. Without this technology, it generally takes up to an hour for a bitcoin transaction to be finalized on its blockchain network. But by using this network, the users can skip this time-consuming process by executing instant transactions between multiple channels before registering the final state on the blockchain.


How to start receiving the Bitcoin tips?

To receive the tips, the user has to confirm their eligibility status by clicking on the edit profile option and activating Tips.

  • After activating the tips option, the user has to agree to the terms and conditions to continue the process.
  • After this, the users will be directed to a setting screen, where they have to toggle the tips button. Then they will have to choose from any of the bitcoin-enabled options listed for transactions.
  • For example: If the strike is the preferred option, then the users will have to set up their Strike username and account, or they can also add a bitcoin wallet address.

After following these few simple steps, Twitter users will be enabled to access this new exciting feature.

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