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Ugam Co-Founder, Mihir Kittur, recognized as one of the Top 10 Data Science Leaders of 2021

Ugam Co-Founder, Mihir Kittur, recognized as one of the Top 10 Data Science Leaders of 2021


November 16, 2021

Data Science Leaders

Mumbai, November 16, 2021: Mihir Kittur, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Ugam, a Merkle company, is recognized as one of the Top 10 Data Science Leaders of 2021. The accolade was announced by Analytics Insight, a prominent publication focused on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics.

The acceleration of digital transformation has led to vast amounts of data available today. In such a context, the role of a data science leader is pivotal. The list recognizes leaders spearheading the development of data science and analytics insights within their organizations to inform better decisions around business, strategy, execution, and organizational leadership.

Mihir has worked with clients across the globe to understand their needs and help them drive better decisions using analytics and technology. He strongly believes that the future of decision-making is augmented intelligence. At Ugam, he has been instrumental in helping teams and clients create an ecosystem with the right balance of “human + machine” or augmented intelligence.

Mihir Kittur said, “The emergence of various new-age technologies is accelerating innovation. Bringing human intelligence to the center of such technologies enables one to be more mindful of the problem one is trying to solve and achieve the best results. At Ugam, we have successfully embedded this approach through our multidisciplinary teams, comprising of both soft skills like consulting and problem-solving and hard skills like techniques and technology, to drive superior impact for large corporations. It’s an honor to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Data Science Leaders by Analytics Insight.”

Mihir was recently also recognized as one of India’s Most Influential AI Leaders in 2021 by Analytics India Magazine.


About Ugam

Ugam, a Merkle company, is a leading analytics and technology services company. Our customer-centric approach delivers impactful business results for large corporations by leveraging data, technology, and expertise. We consistently deliver superior, impactful results through the right blend of human intelligence and AI. With 3300+ people spread across locations worldwide, we successfully deploy our services to create success stories across industries like Retail & Consumer Brands, High Tech, BFSI, Distribution, and Market Research & Consulting. Over the past 21 years, Ugam has been recognized by several firms including Forrester and Gartner, named the No.1 data science company in India by Analytics Insight, and certified as a Great Place to Work®.

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