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Utilizing Mobile Technographics for Business Benefits


October 7, 2021

Mobile TechnographicNever before in history has there been a time when so much and such powerful technology was used in everyday life. Because of that, among many different types of alternative data used in business nowadays, technographic data stands out as distinctly modern. The information about the technological stack of companies and consumers is in itself very varied and has subtypes. One such important subtype is mobile technographics, the business value of which is growing correspondingly with the importance of mobile devices in our routine activities. Thus, it is worthwhile to familiarize oneself with how this category of technographics is utilized in business.


Mobile technology matters

In B2B marketing, technographic data is generally defined as data about a company’s technological stack. This refers to all kinds of information related to how a particular firm utilizes technology in its daily procedures. As such, technographics can include anything from data points about the firm’s hardware and software to innovation and implementation of new technological solutions.

Technographic segmentation has been used in B2B marketing and elsewhere for quite some time now and brought considerable business benefits for the users. Expanding the definition to include B2C businesses, we can talk about the technological stack of particular consumer demographics.

This expansion of the definition allows better use of such important types of technographic data as social technographics and mobile technographics. Social technographics refers to the data about the usage of social media and other socializing technology, which is of course also very informative when it comes to business decisions.

But the subject of this article is mobile technographics and for a good reason. Mobile technographics provide insights into the habits and preferences of the usage of mobile devices of particular entities. Thus, this type of technographics covers whether a particular group of mobile users prefer Android or Apple devices, how much screen time they spend on particular apps, what features they mostly use, what issues report and similar kinds of information.

In the contemporary world, having such knowledge about someone’s mobile usage habits means knowing a lot about them. And this, of course, makes it extremely valuable for businesses and financial firms.


Use cases for mobile technographics

As with all types of technographic data, there are many ways to use mobile technographics for business benefits. Below are the main general ways to utilize such information in business and finance.

1. Mobile marketing. This type of marketing is quickly and steadily growing in importance with no signs of stopping any time soon. Knowing  he mobile usage habits of prospects helps to run accurately targeted mobile marketing campaigns. One can not only choose the right apps but improve the message of the mobile ad by relating it to what the prospects generally show to need most by their mobile preferences.

2. Generating customer insights. Whether B2B or B2C businesses are in question, understanding the customer base is paramount to success. For B2C businesses, mobile technographics directly help to know what their customers want. B2B businesses can also get that from the data on how mobile devices are used by particular enterprises or industry segments. But B2B firms can also utilize data on how individuals use mobile devices as these may be the customers of their customers. In any case, mobile technographic data leads to a better understanding of the market.

3. Internal improvements. An extremely beneficial way to use mobile technographics is for internal assessment and development of mobile technology utilization. This means that companies can improve the functionality and appearance of their own mobile apps based on what the users prefer. Even the slightest adjustments can do wonders for a company’s image since apps are usually utilized for efficiency and comfort, thus people will notice how much of it is provided in particular cases.

4. Competitive intelligence. Mobile technographics are a great way to recognize competitors and evaluate how much of a threat they are. This can be done by analyzing their own ability to utilize mobile devices and mobile marketing as well as comparing it with the public sentiment and tendencies in regard to mobile usage. The better the company is at making use of mobile technology, the more of a competitive threat it is and the more there is to learn from it in order to keep up and overtake.


The importance of mobile data

As a final thought to conclude this article, let us briefly consider the importance of mobility for our lives. We want to be able to do things on the move and from wherever we are, to increase our personal as well as professional freedom.

This means, on the one hand, that in the coming years the volume of mobile data will increase, perhaps exponentially. On the other hand, this means that these mobile technographics will be ever more important as an even bigger share of what we do will be done via mobile technologies. Thus, such kind of technographic information is certain to keep playing a part in getting business benefits.

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