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Watch Out for the Top 10 Robotics Project Ideas for Engineering Graduates


November 12, 2021

In the recent decade, the world of Robotics has advanced by leaps and bounds. Robots have managed to capture the imagination of everyone ranging from filmmakers and authors to scientists and engineers. This article lists the top 10 robotics project ideas for engineering graduates out there.


Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

This robot with a camera is placed in a remote location to capture the environment in visual form using Raspberry Pi (RPi). The captured visuals are displayed on the user’s virtual reality (VR) headset. An added feature allows the camera to move in the direction of the user’s head movements. This gives the user a real-time experience as if he is present where the robot is located.


Off-Road Adventure Robot with Action Camera Mount

This Off Terrain Adventure Robot with Action Camera Mount is the perfect option for beginners to start their robotics journey. Equipped with a 300 RPM motor on each wheel, this Robot has more than enough torque to traverse even the roughest terrains with ease. This Robot steers by varying the rotational direction of the motors on either side- thereby allowing it to turn on a dime and effortlessly get itself out of sticky situations. This Robot’s batteries, microcontrollers, and circuitry are housed safely within a closed heavy-duty metal chassis, thus shielding it from the elements and letting it stay operational even in the harshest weather.


Line Following Robotic Vehicle

A line following robot is one type of robot that follows a certain lane on which it moves. Lane can be a black lane on a white floor or magnetic field. The line following robot vehicles is being used in a variety of applications from being a guide at public places for automatic vehicles. Here, this robotic vehicle is designed to move on a curved black lane sensed by a pair of sensors for both motors.


Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle

A metal detector robotic vehicle is designed to detect metals and these robots can be used to detect land mines. Land mines are unstable devices that are placed under the ground and it is very dangerous to detect those manually using metal detectors. Here, a metal detector is embedded in the robotic circuit and it is controlled by using RF communication.


Colour Sensing Robot with MATLAB

Presented here is a MATLAB-based project where images taken by the camera are processed for colors and the position of a red-colored object is extracted out of the image. Based on the position of the red-colored object in the image, different data are sent via COM port. The serial data is received by the robot and the corresponding movement is done. You can change the code for any color that you find suitable. This project is just an example and you can use this for various industrial applications such as controlling heavy load-lifting machines with some object of a specific color in your hand.


Pick and Place Robot

This robot is one of the technologies used in many industries mainly in manufacturing which is designed to perform pick and place operations that is to pick up an object and place it in the desired location. It is designed to eliminate human error and human intervention to get more precise work. They are faster, accurate, and can get the work done in seconds compared to humans. Also, increases the safety of the working environment and never gets tired. They are used in various areas like bottle filling, packing industry, used to detect and destroy bombs, etc.


Soccer Playing Robot

This is a very exciting robotics project. This is also kind of the same as a previously defined robot. This robot is a mixup of the line follower and the obstacle-avoiding robot. This robot is used for playing football in many robotics tournaments.


Robocar With Wireless Steering

This next project describes a wireless steered robot. Wireless steering senses the motion and transmits corresponding instructions to control the robot through RF communication. The robot also has an obstacle detection and avoidance system implemented. The accelerometer senses the movement of the steering. Arduino Uno board processes this data and corresponding instructions are transmitted through the RF transmitter to control the robot.


Auto Metro Train that Shuttles between Two Stations

This project is designed with an automatic start and stop mechanism such that the train stops at a particular time and starts after a certain time. It consists of an automatic mechanism to open and close the door and it counts the number of persons while entering the train.


Smart Cleaning Robot

This robot is used to clean the floor, or any flat surface with brush or cleaning cloths attached to it, also it may consist of a vacuum system, which attracts the dust and stores it in a pot. The robot can be controlled by mobile or wirelessly, also by using switches. This robot is used in big production companies to clean their entire area, also nowadays this is used in households.

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