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What is Hyperautomation? What are its Top Trends to Watch?

All you need to know about hyperautomation and its concepts

Hyperautomation is a concept introduced by Gartner in 2019. Gartner also identified the technology as one of the ’10 trends of 2020’ that possess the capabilities to support digital transformation. Hyperautomation is also encompassed with other industry terms. Forrester refers to it as ‘digital process automation,’ while IDC and many other bodies use the term ‘intelligent process automation’ to represent end-to-end automation. In a nutshell, hyperautomation is a mixture of technologies that leverage the complete transformation of organizations processes under a unified and intelligent system. 

Hyperautomation uses technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), etc to automate tasks that were carried out by humans so far. Earlier, robotic process automation provided various benefits to organizations. As the technology sphere evolved, businesses realized that there is a state of limitation in data and features while using RPA. Therefore, businesses started using the descriptive term called hyperautomation to describe the connection between various business applications and operations with structured and unstructured data.


Top trends in Hyperautomation  

Moving from RPA, hyperautomation highlights the power of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and enables its features. Today, IPA is increasingly taking centre stage in mainstream business operations across industries. 

Gartner came up with the term ‘Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management’ to represent the monitoring of IT infrastructure. HDIM refers to the practice of overlooking and accessing the infrastructure of the whole organization.

Businesses are running a race to reach complete democratization. By democratizing the automation process, organizations get the leniency to automate mundane tasks and it will also help empower non-tech employees. 

As-a-service models are trending in the business landscape because of their affordable and ready to use nature. Following the footprint, Bot-as-a-Service is unleashed to harness IPA solutions that drive hyperautomation for businesses.

Intelligent automation is taking centre stage by stepping on people’s negligence to employ digital technologies. It helps business users see clear evidence of the massive operational improvements it can bring about.

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