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What the World Needs to Learn From El Salvador’s Legalization of Bitcoin?


El Salvador has become the first in the world to make bitcoin legal. What are the takeaways for the world?

In June 2021, El Salvador, a small coastal country in Central America, became the first in the world to make Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, legal. The El Salvador Parliament approved the move by a supermajority of 62 out of 84. While there are many precedents this sets for a global debate on cryptocurrency, this article explores what this means to the world and what are the takeaways for the countries?


Not a point of reference for financial strategy

The advancement in El Salvador changes minimal as far as the world’s monetary calculations around cryptocurrencies. The dynamic supporting the entire movie is that El Salvador has no money-related strategy of its own and henceforth, no local currency to secure. The nation was formally ‘dollarized’ in 2001 and runs on the money-related strategy of the US Federal Reserve.

What applies to money-related thinking, nonetheless, is that the move in El Salvador is partially propelled by a free and expansionary Federal Reserve strategy. While banks in the US got liquidity with the boost. The official bill proposition expressed unequivocally that “national banks are progressively making moves that might cause harm the financial dependability of El Salvador… (and) to alleviate the adverse consequence of national banks, it becomes important to approve the circulation of cryptocurrency with an inventory that can’t be constrained by any national bank and is just modified as per level headed and measurable models,” i.e, Bitcoin.

After such development, El Salvador becomes a most interesting case study of how the dollar and Bitcoin would coexist side by side, and how that would play out for Bitcoin adoption.



Not just currency but innovation

The general utilization of Bitcoin shows up less propelled by its utilization as a currency and significantly more by the picture and speculation help this could give the country towards development. President Bukele emphasized on numerous occasions in an appearance on Twitter, that this move will be useful for attracting “innovation, ability, and groundbreaking thoughts” into the country. The President himself tweeted an advertorial with this impact, welcoming crypto business visionaries into the country.

The move into Bitcoin connects to bigger endeavors to resuscitate a slowing down economy and bring back development into the nation post-Covid. El Salvador had set up in 2020 a Trust Fund to help in its Covid recuperation endeavors. Strangely, this equivalent Trust Fund will house a $150 million public asset that will be utilized to purchase and sell Bitcoin.


Possible change in remittances

One ramification that is pertinent to India is the effect this could have on settlements. Settlements make up near 20% of El Salvador’s GDP with streams approximating $6 billion every year. Numerous residents lack a bank account and advanced banking has a low entrance. In this situation, different intermediaries in the settlement chain take cuts of as high as 20%. The effect Bitcoin has on these settlement inflows would merit checking for the whole world, which is home to the biggest settlement market globally. Although there probably won’t be numerous illustrations from a financial strategy viewpoint yet proficiency, hostility to anti-money-laundering and different angles could be firmly observed.

The ramifications of this move for money laundering are hazy right now. Right now El Salvador isn’t considered insufficient under the FATF money laundering necessities. Nonetheless, with the enormous scope of cryptocurrency inflows and surges, it would be normal that El Salvador would follow the 2019 FATF direction on Virtual Currencies which commands numerous KYC necessities on cryptocurrency movement. It is indistinct in case these are set up in El Salvador or would be set up. It may be the case that the nation faces difficulties on this front except if there is a quick push to set up the vital oversight measures.

The general important point for the world from the El Salvador case isn’t in the money-related sense at everything except to act as an illustration of how far nations will go to draw in what they accept is a definitive prize – trailblazers and business visionaries dealing with this arising area. This is the abundance that India possesses a great deal of and has scarcely ensured with strategy. While consultations proceed in India on the money-related and monetary guidelines around digital currency, it is significant that consideration is paid to motivators for the world’s developers working on key innovations in the space.

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