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What to Become a Localization and Mapping Engineer?


November 6, 2021

Mapping Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities: Field Service Technicians are responsible for key algorithmic and engineering decisions in a company. Their key responsibilities include building state-of-the-art mapping pipelines that combine data from a wide variety of sensors, localization of algorithms to make use of the maps in real-time, implementing the prototype localization algorithms in autonomous vehicles for on-road and simulation tests, etc. Field Service Technicians investigate, test, and calibrate sensors for integration into sensor fusion algorithms. They should also work to develop high-quality software designs that allow both high-performance and maintainable software. 

Average Salary (per annum): US$87,471


  • Understanding of autonomous vehicle software pipeline.
  • Fluent in C, C++, TensorFlow, Matlab, and Python.
  • Hands-on experience working on the fill stack of a robotics system.
  • Willingness to commit to design, development, and showcasing unique capabilities and demonstrations. 
  • Education qualification as a Master’s degree holder in autonomous vehicle mapping, localization, or sensor fusion related field or equivalent experience and knowledge. 
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms for point cloud processing.
  • Ability to self-start own initiatives that could drive big changes in an organization.


Top 3 Online Courses:

Introduction to Mapping (Robotics: Estimation and learning) at Coursera: In this course, students will learn how to get robotics to incorporate uncertainty into estimating and learning from a dynamic and changing world. Some of the topics covered in the course include probabilistic generative models, Bayesian filtering for localization, and mapping. 

ROS for Beginners II: Localization, Navigation, and SLAM at Udemy: ROS for Beginners offered by Anis Koubaa takes students through localization, mapping, and navigation. This course addresses the learning gap and follows a practical approach to introduce new learners to mobile robot navigation foundations and how it is implemented in ROS.

Autonomous Navigation at Insofe: Insofe’s Autonomous Navigation course focuses on several algorithms related to mapping and motion planning for autonomous vehicles. The course is designed for learners who are at the early to mid-stage of their careers, with the vision of self-driving cars around them and want to be a part of that journey. 


Top Institutes Offering the Program:

  • Localization and Mapping: Budapest University
  • Graduate Certificate in Robotics: Maryland Robotics Center
  • Graduate Course in Robot Localization & Mapping: Carnegie Mellon University


Top Recruiters for This Job:

Applied Intuition: Applied Intuition provides the software infrastructure to safely develop, testHere are the responsibilities of the location and mapping engineer, know more about the programs such as Python and what courses to pursue to become a mapping engineer in this article. , and deploy autonomous vehicles at scale. The company’s products are focused on simulation and analytics. It delivers sophisticated infrastructure built for scale. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Applied Intuition is composed of software and automotive experts from the top companies in their respective fields.

Tesla: Tesla is an electric-automobile manufacturer that is working on electric cars and autonomous vehicles. Founded in 2003, the company designs, develops, manufactures, and markets high-performance, technologically advanced electric cars and solar energy generation and energy storage products.

Optimus Ride: Optimus Ride develops self-driving technologies to enable safe, sustainable, and equitable mobility solutions. The company is designing a fully autonomous system for electric vehicle fleets. Optimus Ride is committed to delivering the safest, smartest advanced, and adoption of AV technology to address critical transportation needs in localization environments. 

Ford Motor Company: Ford Motor Company is a multinational automobile manufacturer with its roots in America. The company manufactures and sells automobiles, trucks, buses, and tractors across the world. After its launch in 1903, Ford only manufactured a few cars every day, but later evolved to be a big car manufacturer. 

The Aerospace Corporation: The Aerospace Corporation operates a federally funded research and development center. With six decades as a leader in National Security Space, the company solves some of the most complex challenges in the space enterprise. The Aerospace Corporation brings technical expertise to advance the nation’s missions in space.

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