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Who Makes Better Use of AI Technology?

Mahindra Vs. Hero Vs. Tata: Who Makes Better Use of AI Technology?

AI Technology

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is used in all sectors, including automotive. AI finds its applications across the automotive value chain. At present, AI technology is being implemented in automotive manufacturing, including design, supply chain, production, and post-production. Along with that artificial intelligence is being implemented in driver assistance and driver risk assessment systems, which is transforming the transportation sector.

AI software in the car is connected to all the sensors and collects input from Google Street View and video cameras inside the car. AI technology simulates human perceptual and decision-making processes using deep learning and controls actions in driver control systems, such as steering and brakes.

As all companies are actively adopting AI technology to build smart cars, the question is, who among the auto giants like Mahindra and Mahindra, Hero MotoCorp, and Tata Motors makes better use of AI technology?


Mahindra and Mahindra

Mahindra and Mahindra is a differentiated aggregate with a presence in more than 100 nations and has a history of development in each area that it plays in. It additionally turns out to be one of India’s most recognized and respected brands. As an automaker, they were continually confronted with the question: Is it possible to replace physical testing of engines with virtual testing utilizing AI technology by incorporating data from different sources?

Engineers alongside SAP embarked upon an exceptional project that supplanted actual testing of their auto motors with virtual testing utilizing AI calculations based on SAP HANA and SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service alongside reconciliation to information from different field sources.

The first change that was made was to coordinate all the data on a single platform utilizing HANA and SAP Leonardo IoT administrations. This aided the group takes a gander at all the contributing data in a solitary spot. Second, AI and ML models were applied to this data to foresee the testing should have been framed on some random motors so that number of tests done was decrease and just the important tests were accomplished for a motor.

Forthcoming years for any manufacturing company is about digitization and using emerging technologies to solve business issues. Utilizing this platform to total information will help Mahindra and Mahindra work on different parts of assembling like quality, support, and throughput. The ability to get machine data synced up with AI and IoT services will help M&M lead in Industry’s technology era.



Hero MotoCorp

Hero MotoCorp is India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer and it has consistently been known to be a pioneer in terms of exploring different avenues with arising technologies. Just about nine years back, when the adoption of cloud computing was in its early stages, the firm made a cloud-based dealer management framework, which made a colossal business sway as it gave the firm incredible insights into pertinent seller-related information. Hero MotoCorp has continued to explore different avenues with innovations while proceeding to reinforce the center establishment.

Understanding the significance of responding quickly to service demands, Hero MotoCorp has carried out a Remote Support Solution utilizing smart glasses and AR innovation in plants, that permits correspondence among specialists and backing divisions (Internal/External Vendor) as a specialist help.

Artificial intelligence has now begun to turn into an innate part of everything that is being done at the organization. The vast majority of its innovation drove initiatives like industrial IoT, predictive maintenance, RPA, part acknowledgment, and so forth today influence AI in one structure or the other. Hero MotoCorp has been continually pushing the boundaries of innovation by experimenting consistently with arising technologies.


Tata Motors

Tata Motors along with Microsoft India is effectively redefining connected and personalized driving experiences for Indian customers. Tata Motors is leveraging Microsoft’s connected vehicle technologies that bring together artificial intelligence (AI), advanced machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities on the global hyper-scale Azure cloud, to traverse the digital and physical worlds and create a highly personalized, smart and safer driving experience across the digital life of a vehicle owner. At the 87th Geneva International Motor Show 2017, the first vehicle showcasing the vision for these enhanced driving experiences was unveiled via Tata Motors’ unique user interface application and services suite utilizing Microsoft enabled functionality like advanced navigation, predictive maintenance, telematics, and remote monitoring features.

Tata Motors vehicles offer drivers and passengers a highly digital driving experience. Microsoft Azure cloud computing technologies will allow advanced navigation, predictive maintenance and vehicle-centric services, remote monitoring of car features, external mobile experiences, and over-the-air updates. These are powered by Microsoft Azure cloud and services like advanced analytics, machine learning, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

In conclusion, AI is playing a crucial in the development of the automotive industry. All companies using modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, IoT, and more to provide a best-in-class customer experience.

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