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WiFi HaLow Might be the Future of Long-Range IoT Applications


November 17, 2021

WiFi HaLow

WiFi HaLow has become the new attraction in the WiFi technology sector.

With the growing number of innovations in the digital era, more and more smart products are launched globally. The use of smart devices at homes and in offices is increasing with the growing innovations in the IoT space. Several of these devices require robust connectivity and a big limitation of range. So, to fulfil this requirement, a new WiFi technology has emerged, which is known as the Wifi HaLow, that claims to provide strong connectivity up to 1km.

WiFi HaLow is not only the next generation of WiFi to extend distances and increase the battery life of other WiFi-connected devices, but it also demonstrates an exciting future of wirelessly connected people and devices. It is developed to connect a large number of IoT products, such as smart speakers, smart air-conditioners, and other smart products. The technology has received certifications from the Wi-Fi Alliance, the global organization that certifies WiFi-related companies.

Surprisingly, the network works on current WiFi protocols to connect existing smart devices. This new technology also claims to transform the current WiFi setup as it does not require new infrastructure.


How does it work?

The new WiFi technology has been developed to work with the sub-! GHz spectrum, while the traditional WiFi tech available in the market can only support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band connectivity. The low frequency of the WiFi HaLow facilitates a longer wavelength, which allows it to transmit data over longer distances. But the technology has one drawback. To achieve its extensive wavelength, it compromises data speeds, making it most suitable for IoT products that require fewer data to operate.

In terms of application, this new WiFi technology brings several benefits, but it is not a replacement for the traditional WiFi frequency that is used to transfer large amounts of information, within a short span of time.

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