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Will Dogecoin Breach its 200 DMA or Continue to Retain It?


The benchmark for any leading crypto is its popularity and the fan wave that spins around it. The same holds for dogecoin’s price. As dogecoin has a fairly high adoption among investors, it indicates the currency’s dynamic and stabilized value. It is no surprise that the entire DOGE community is holding on to the fact that the currency’s value will skyrocket anytime soon, given its quick progression from being an underrated cryptocurrency with the meme theme of a dog to become an inspiration for other cryptocurrencies.

Currently, the global market capitalization of dogecoin is US$32 billion and holds the 10th position in the market. The token has been reaching for its primary support line of 200-day after facing rejection from higher levels. Experts believe that DOGE might be amongst some of the most significant and most agile cryptocurrencies in the world.


Dogecoin Price Analysis

The undisputed leader of the meme cryptocurrency has jumped over 25% since the last week. Its value has retraced close to 25% of its lost value from profit-booking in September 2021. For investors to continue acknowledging it as bullish with robust investment sentiments, it has to cross the 200 DMA resistance as early as possible. Breaching its 200 DMA level will show that the digital token is constantly moving upwards, indicating a positive stance for the asset.



As per the technical analysis of dogecoin’s price, it might too, fall under the volatile category and is susceptible to market highs and lows. The current dogecoin price, according to coinmarketcap is $0.2440. Its market value has dived down by 0.42% in the past 24 hours.

The digital token has a strong buying value around $0.20 levels and faces resistance around $0.26 levels. This spasmodic 30% range is the base ground for consolidation. The token has to break this consolidation level and move in a different direction to keep the buyers’ interest consistent.

According to experts, traders expect to witness a positive momentum in the dogecoin to USD price trends in the upcoming weeks. As per analysis, a long-term increase is expected. The price analysis for 2026 is $0.945, and in the next 5 years, the value is expected to be more.


Is it a Profitable Investment Right Now?

To understand and consider investing in it, investors have to research and consider certain factors, including legitimacy, history of the token, market valuation, and much more. DOGE makers claim that since the token has been in the market for over 7 years now, there should be no doubts about its legitimacy. It is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market. It has a defined purpose of creating a payment system that is free from traditional banking regulations. Hence, if investors are putting their money, they are participating in a constructive project, which forms a good investment. The real reason behind the investors’ attraction towards dogecoin is its low value, which has also proved helpful to teach new investors about the crypto market and the basic principles of demand and supply.

Comparing it to bitcoin, dogecoin scales relatively faster. It is built on a basic technology that allows digital assets to verify transactions, and through this process, it provides secure access to sending and receiving money without intermediaries. DOGE allows employs SCRYPT in its algorithm, which processes faster than BTC.

Tech giants like Elon Musk and other celebrities have promoted dogecoin for investments, which makes it a preference for a good investment. Dogecoin’s impact on the crypto market as a whole is remarkable. It has changed the narrative of the market, but most importantly, investors are free to trade on it at their own pace.


Final Words

Digital currencies have been witnessing a massive volatility phase and dogecoin is no exception. The overall crypto market capitalization has marked a significant change, which includes DOGE’s market cap too. To be optimistic, it is obvious that the fluctuations in the token’s price predictions are based on the short-term and the long-term investment sentiments of the traders. To reach close to the 200 DMA, DOGE should take the support of $0.20 levels and try again to breach the 0.30 levels, hoping to cross the previous important levels. Nonetheless, it will remain as one of the most-favored cryptocurrencies in the market.

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