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Women and the Cloud Industry

Cloud Industry

The continuously dwindling number of women in the workforce of the tech world in general and the cloud industry, in particular, has drawn attention for quite some time. When it comes to women leaders in the cloud industry it is quite obvious that the number of women in leadership positions will be far less. But what is most revealing is that in several studies women have been found to be providing very competent leadership in companies. Longitudinal studies spanning more than a decade have come to the apparently surprising conclusion that women as leaders far surpass men in terms of capability vis-à-vis the leadership positions in the cloud industry. In general, gender diversity has been identified beyond much doubt as a major factor in ensuring better performance, a higher rate of employee retention, and the recruitment of talented candidates in the company. This brings in the question of some specific strategies for women to become top-level leaders in the industry. One can think of three strategies in this context.


Support in Tech Career

The technology field has been popularly known as the male-dominated profession with technical knowledge, coding languages, and multiple types of machines. But, women are now drawn towards the cloud industry, which is becoming an integral part of the tech-driven world. Women in technology need constant support and encouragement from the family and society to move forward in the cloud industry. Women are smart, intelligent, and have multiple skills to become successful in the journey towards leadership. They just need the essential support from important sources in their lives to achieve women’s empowerment. Support also includes no-business culture in the workplace where male employees must not be given more priority in promotions, increments, and presentations.


Seek a Wise Mentor

Women who want to pursue their careers in the cloud industry must seek a wise mentor for proper professional guidance to pave the way through the so-called male-dominated field. The mentor can suggest ways to create equal opportunities for female leaders with diversity and inclusion policies. There are multiple women leaders who have struggled to be at the top of the cloud industry. They can have a clear understanding of the potential risks of beginners in this field. Women role models can encourage other women to follow their vision and mission and dive into the tech-driven world without considering the hostile environment.


Consider Talent Strategies

To be the most impactful woman in technology, one needs to consider multiple talent strategies to drive revenue in the cloud industry. The constant adaptation to the dynamic tech-driven world needs various different kinds of strategies to maintain as well as enhance the position of the business in this cut-throat competitive market across the world. There is a huge potential to experience different challenges but with massive possibilities. Women should be confident and focus on their strategies to provide an enterprise-level strategic look to the businesses.


Manage Anger Issues

It is, indeed, a frustrating and hostile environment in a workplace where it is male-oriented ambiance throughout the years due to fewer women in the tech field. Thus, women in technology need to manage and control anger issues efficiently and effectively. There may be some circumstances where other employees will put female employees down, disturb on the halfway, ignore, or order to stop talking in the middle of the conversation or pass presentations to preferred male employees. It is a tough situation to control anger yet stand up for oneself in sophisticated and smart ways.


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is known as the feeling of fear that other employees will consider one as incompetent, dumb, or less confident. Women in technology always tend to experience this syndrome due to the male-dominated field in the cloud industry. Women need to overcome the imposter syndrome and feel confident, secure, and competent throughout the years for a successful tech career. At first, they are required to realize the feeling and talk about the feeling to a focus group, a mentor, or family members to see the mirror, reframe thoughts, and realize that one deserves this promotion and work. Overcoming imposter syndrome provides positive feedback and respect towards oneself.

Thus, women have a difficult journey towards success in the cloud industry and are in the position of the most impactful women in technology in recent times. But the above-mentioned strategies will help to overcome fear and embrace success within a short period of time.

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